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  • Briefly about Erectile Dysfunction

    Briefly about Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is inability to achieve or maintain adequate erection, which in turn limits or makes impossible satisfactory sexual intercourse conduct. Erectile dysfunction is a widespread disease. According to World Health Organization, one in ten men over age of 21 years notice erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction Causes Currently, there are…

  • How Erection Appear?

    How Erection Appear?

    During the last century, polls conducted among population showed that list of stress related to marriage is headed by money. Sociologists simply did not ask people about sex, and respondents themselves did not give such information. When list began to include sexual issues, monetary problems have receded into the background.…

  • Mobile Telephone as the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

    Mobile Telephone as the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

    Mobile phone has become an integral part of our life, it solves both domestic and business issues. And besides ordinary calls, phone is already impossible to imagine without possibility of sending short SMS messages and accessing Internet. But do not forget that mobile phone is not only a convenient device,…

  • The Effectiveness Of The Canadian Pharmacy Meldonium

    The Effectiveness Of The Canadian Pharmacy Meldonium

    There is a lot of talk about meldonium new preparation and its use and effectiveness. But what is this drug and how effective it is? Meldonium is not your normal drug for enhancement, it is so much more than that. Meldonium main use is as heart disorder therapy for treating…

  • Air Pollution of COPD Epidemiology

    Air Pollution of COPD Epidemiology

    High levels of air pollution are harmful, especially to persons with heart or lung disease. The severity of reactions ranges from minor symptoms to premature death. But extremely high levels of pollution are rarely encountered, and the more important and unsettled question is whether longterm exposure to low levels of pollutants…